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Headshots. Business Portraits. Profile Pictures. Professional Branding. Speaking Engagement Photos. Proposal Images. Avatars.

Call them what you like, they are simply the very first thing that most potential customers are going to see when they come across your information and see your professional headshots. 

The saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Great. Now I have half of you hyperventilating and the other half about to bail on the whole idea. But this really isn’t that hard. Even if you “always take a bad picture” or you still need to “lose 10lbs”, there are some simple things you can do to help optimize your photo-shoot and get great results that will help you market yourself and company to #1.

The Headshots Philosophy

Headshots, are all about attitude. A positive attitude will always win your potential customer over. Your attitude in the portrait is actually more important than the color of your tie or whether your hair is perfect or the color of the background. Your positive attitude in a photo is what a potential client sees and therefore helps them determine if you are the right person to do business with. And, after all that’s what you want. You want clients!

Don’t get me wrong. All elements in the photo (clothes, hair, jewelry, background, lighting and posing) are vital details, therefore affecting how people perceive “you” the person in the image.

Tips For A Great Headshot At Bo Studio 121 a Waverly IA Portrait Photographer

  • Tip number one: Interview your potential photographer carefully and check out their website
  •  Look at the lighting, expression, clarity and pose to see if it’s a quality image. Do you see a lack of detail, or something crazy in the background hanging from an ear or a post growing out of a head? The emphasis should be on you and your the expression. You should see a “Positive Attitude” with a look of “You Want to Work With Me”. Value goes beyond the upfront cost, but rather what kind of an impression your Profile Picture is going to make. Professionals want to work with professionals. And, a professional portrait photographer like Bo Studio 121 is the best place to look in the Waverly, Cedar Falls and Waterloo Iowa area.Waverly Cedar Falls Waterloo Iowa Professional Headshot
  • Tip number two: Yes, Hair and Makeup. If you are going to get your hair cut, colored or hi-lighted, do it a week before your business portrait photo-shoot, so you have time to get used to how it looks and feels. Having your hair and makeup professionally done just before your Branding Photo-shoot can boost your confidence and add a little pampering to the day. [Consider coordinating a date night with the love of your life] We can hook you up with a local HMUA…just ask!
  • Tip number three: Plan your outfit out in advance. Remember, the day of the shoot, you want to be relaxed and filled with a positive attitude. Not stressed and running around like a crazy person. This gives you time to have things dry cleaned and ironed and ready to go. Side note: wrinkles are distracting and expensive to retouch. Lint rollers are miracle workers!

More Tips You Can’t Live Without For The Perfect Headshot In Waverly, Cedar Falls and Waterloo Iowa

  • Tip number four: More about clothes and what to wear to your Headshot portrait session in Waverly Iowa. Wear what you feel comfortable in, but we do have a few guidelines to help you make the perfect clothing choice
    •  Choose clothing that is fitted, not loose and baggy. You may be thinking your covering up those Christmas cookies or ice cream brownie sundaes (yum, doesn’t that sound good?) but really, you’re not. Great posing and lighting makes for a flattering and outstanding portrait.
    • Keep It Simple! Solids that are in similar tones on top and bottom works the best. Patterns can and are distracting and will take away from that positive attitude that’s on your face.
    •  Stay away from large heavy jewelry and big scarves, unless of course, you’re doing a photo-shoot for large heavy jewelry and big scarves.
    • You can always bring a couple clothing options, because we have an eye to help you pick the right outfit for your situation. Tips For A Great Headshot At Bo Studio 121 a Waverly IA Portrait Photographer
  • Tip number five: Get a good nights rest and drink plenty of liquids the day before (I’m implying lots of water) Picking a morning shoot helps avoid some distraction during the day that can kill a late afternoon shoot.
  • Tip number six: Don’t be so critical of yourself and try not to be nervous. A professional headshots photographer like Bo Studio 121 will help you with posing and expression by giving you direction. You should expect to see several posing options from the pool of images to select your favorites from. We shoot and show images right after your session, so you can make your selections immediately. Should any adjustments need to be made we can walk right back into the camera room to make them. Bo Studio 121 guarantees that you will love your headshot branding portraits.

If you are ready to update your Business Headshots, Business Portraits, Profile Picture, Corporate Branding, Speaking Engagement Photos, Proposal Images or Avatars then it’s time to make an appointment with a professional portrait photographer. No matter what your business is, big or small, we can offer you exactly what you need.

Bo Studio 121 Professional Photography serves the greater Cedar Valley area of Iowa, which includes, Waverly, Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and Cedar Rapids. Location options are a possibility!

Please give us a call at 319.352.3211 or email info@bostudio121.com to take your headshot photo to the next level.





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